Profile of the Ideal Collaborator for TKNMetal Inc.:

Profile of the Ideal Collaborator for TKNMetal Inc.:




TKNMetal Inc. is a company engaged in purchasing raw materials from Asia and reselling them in Europe. The company offers the opportunity for both private individuals and businesses to participate passively in joint business ventures. In exchange, the company provides a profit of 10% every 6 months.

Currently, TKNMetal Inc. is seeking collaborators who can assist in finding client partners and facilitate their participation in joint business ventures. Collaborators will be responsible for identifying potential partners interested in passive participation, persuading them to join, and helping facilitate their involvement in the ventures.

As a collaborator, you will have the opportunity to earn a 15% commission based on the profits generated by the partner’s involvement in the joint business venture. Your role will involve building strong relationships with potential partners, providing them with information and support, and ensuring their seamless integration into the ventures.

TKNMetal Inc. presents an exciting opportunity for individuals who possess excellent networking skills, persuasive abilities, and a professional approach. If you have a strong network of contacts, a passion for building business relationships, and the drive to succeed, you could be the ideal collaborator for TKNMetal Inc.

To apply as a collaborator, please submit your resume and a cover letter highlighting your experience in sales, business development, and your ability to attract and engage potential partners in joint business ventures.

We look forward to working with motivated individuals who can contribute to expanding TKNMetal Inc.’s business activities in Europe through successful joint ventures.