TKN METAL Inc. Introduction: TKN METAL Inc. is a global company engaged in the brokerage of import/export of metals and raw materials, specializing in corporate and private partnerships. Founded in 1961 as a convergence point between resource management efficiency and financial innovation, TKN METAL Inc. has quickly emerged as one of the key players in the global metallurgy landscape. History: In 1961, TKN METAL Inc. was established by a team of experts in the metallurgical sector with the aim of revolutionizing the traditional approach to the import/export of metals. The company embraced the concept of commercial partnership, involving both companies and private investors, creating a robust network of collaboration and resource exchange. TKN METAL Inc. solidified its position through strategic partnerships with leading Asian groups in the metallurgical sector. These collaborations introduced the concept of financial partnership, paving the way for an innovative system that allowed the company to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars worth of metal competitively. Main Activities: The company stands out for its expertise in international mediation of metals and raw materials. The partnership model has contributed to establishing TKN METAL Inc. as a driving force in the industry, enabling efficient resource acquisition and participation in corporate and private partnerships. In 2023, TKN METAL Inc. expanded into the European market, further solidifying its global position. The company continues to innovate in the industry, constantly seeking ways to improve its operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. Passive Finance: In line with its growth strategy, TKN METAL Inc. extended its activities to the field of passive finance. Collaborating with leaders of Asian groups, the company has adopted cutting-edge financial practices, contributing to strengthening its position in global competitiveness. Contacts: Address: Via España 1280, Orion Building, Suite 7D, Panama City, Panama Email: General:, Commercial: Telegram Channel: Website:, Additional Notes: TKN METAL Inc. continues to be at the forefront of the metallurgical industry, promoting transparency and collaboration through its commercial partnership model. The company is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality and sustainability while constantly seeking opportunities to expand its presence globally.