TKN metal is a company specializing in the procurement of metal raw materials in Asia, aiming to supply high-quality materials to customers in Europe. Thanks to our experience in the sector and our network of reliable suppliers, we are able to guarantee high quality products at competitive prices. We also offer the possibility to participate in the shared purchase, which allows our customers to get even more advantageous prices and to participate in the company’s earnings. Find out more about our products and services and join our community.


The most common type of metal is a heavy, malleable, ductile, magnetic silver-white substance that rapidly rusts in wet air, occurs naturally in meteorites, and is mixed with other substances in the majority of igneous rocks.

It has very high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity and is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal. Pure copper has a pinkish-orange hue when its surface is first exposed to the elements.


Aluminum may be found in the buildings we live in, the cars we drive, the trains and planes that transport us over large distances, and the mobile phones and computers we use every day.