“Tknmetal is offering a new 30-day campaign for the purchase of 50 tons of copper destined for Europe, starting today. Partners can participate in the joint venture with Tkn by purchasing packages starting from $500 up to a maximum of $20,000.

This is not an investment, but rather a commercial deal, where Tknmetal will return the capital plus 10% every 4 months to the partner. The deal is passive, and the partner can choose to renew automatically or continue to participate with other loads.

To join the deal, send an email to info@tknmetal requesting the contract. Tkn will send the contract to the partner, who can then download and purchase the package in USDT. After making the purchase, send a confirmation email to Tknmetal. Tknmetal will confirm the acceptance of the package.

Thank you for your interest in Tknmetal and the opportunity to participate in the joint venture. We look forward to working with you!